Tic-Tac Toe Two Snow Days in a Row

Wow am I surprised! I’ve been wanting snow all winter and now,half a foot of snow! Two snow days! This is great! Yesterday was the first snow day of the year. Today is the second. Rachel took Daniel, Dalton(Daniel’s friend), and me sledding on the huge hill at Concordia a hill behind the foot ball stadium. It was really fun,but Daniel kept lying on the path I was going down and when I tried to steer away he crawled in front of me,and the whole time he was saying,”End me!”. It was terrible hiking back up the hill just to zoom back down again. After we were done,we went looking on the other hill for Rachel. We didn’t find her. Then we went to the car to leave our sleds there. That’s where we found Rachel. She asked us if we wanted to see her fort. She took us to the front of the gym at a giant snow drift. It had a HUGE tunnel going through,and on either side,there were little caves to sit in. It was like an igloo. When I got home I built a tunnel going through a snow drift. I could fit through it,but it wasn’t near as big as Rachel’s giant fort,but mainly because the drift wasn’t big enough. Now,I have another Snow day! Yay!

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1 Response to Tic-Tac Toe Two Snow Days in a Row

  1. Peggy says:

    You are so lucky! Enjoy those days!

    That’s what I miss most about working in a school, grades K-12. I work at a college now, and it has to be a blizzard before we get off or go in late. 😦

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