Stuff from Sunday and Monday

On Sunday,I went to my first Chinese class.Anna Herl and I are signed up for Chinese classes in Lincoln.There’s a lot of other students,and all of them are 4,5,or 6.There’s mostly girls.There’s two boys.Their names are Koko,Mae Ling,& Roger,and there’s two whose names I don’t know.[I think!]I can’t really tell you anything in Chinese,because I don’t know how to spell it,but I know these words in Chinese:PANDA,WHITE,BLACK,GREEN,MOM,DAD,BABY,CHINA,HELLO,and GOODBYE.I also know the first character of my name in Chinese.

Monday was the Multicultural Fair.The third,forth, and second graders went together on a field trip there.There were pass ports to get marked for each country you went to.These booths were there:Ireland,Japan,Hawaii,Australia,Jamaica,Guatamala,France,Italy,Norway,Holland,and Canada.They had us play games,try foods,and told us fun facts about the places.I sadly didn’t get to Japan and Hawaii. 😦     But every single place I got to had interesting foods or candy! 🙂

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6 Responses to Stuff from Sunday and Monday

  1. Brad says:

    That’s awesome that you’re taking Chinese! I went to Chinese class once a week for a year. I didn’t learn very well though. All I could say is “How are you?” and I could count to ten. Pretty sad results. You are already doing better than me, and you only had one lesson!

  2. 911girl says:

    I forgot how to say Panda,black,white,and green.

  3. Anna Herl says:

    oh yeah

  4. Anna Herl says:


  5. 911girl says:

    I now forgot baby and China, but I do now know how to count to one hundred.

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