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The Big Ball Factory

In school Mr. Wilcox has K’nex available for us to play with. K’nex are things for building, but not much like legos or blocks. They are pretty much a modernized version of Tinker-toys. They come with wheels, so everyone builds … Continue reading

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Gob. That’s what I call the Geography Bee, because a lot of people call it the Geo Bee for short. G-O-B spells Gob. Anyway, every year our school has one to determine who will go to an even bigger Gob. … Continue reading

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Kitty Town

My friend Madalyn and I have been working on a fun project together. We’re making a special city for cats. We have a giant piece of paper we are drawing it on. We call it, Hisspurrmeowmeow City! So far we … Continue reading

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Road Trip!

The Wednesday after Christmas, my family went on a trip to Denver. We sat in the hotel room eating chips and watching T.V. Better than that, we went swimming. Better still, I finally got to see the movie The Invention … Continue reading

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