At the Baseball Diamond

I dreamed that my family were all Native Americans, and we were homeless. Fortunately for us, lots of homeless people lived at St. John. So, we went to live there. We decided to live at the baseball diamond, but there was a mean dude living there and he wanted to scare us, so he said to me, “How do you turn your hair darker?” and I said, “Hair dye?” and then he said, “No, you have to press it into the dirt.” And I thought that was a weird threat, then I climbed over the fence. Then I was in a different part of the dream, and we were having a ceremony, and some old lady said I was the bravest one of all, and I thought that was weird because I just climbed over the fence and took off. In my dream I was still pondering that when I woke up, about only one minute before my alarm clock.

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  1. Anna Herl says:

    That’s very . . . odd in a way

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