Back to School with Many Fun Activities

Well,I’m back in school now! I’ve done a lot of fun stuff so far today,and I’m sure the rest of the day will be great! In school,I have to say my favorite part of school was gym,science,or art. In gym,we learned a new game called,”Lame Fox & Chickens”. This is how you play:There are two foxes. They have to hop on one foot,but if they need to they can switch. If the foxes touch the chickens,the chickens also turn into “Lame Foxes”. When there are no more chickens to catch,the game is over. I had a ton of fun playing it,and so did my class mates. It’s really fun to run around like crazy chickens! In science,we are working with sounds and vibrations. Today,we divided into groups of four,and teams of two. We had large tubes of paper with card board over the top. We got little bags that each had in them a rectangle of card board,a nail,a washer,a penny,a plastic spoon,a popsicle stick,a bag of clay,and a ball of foil. One team would agree on one of these objects,then drop it in the big paper thingy. The other team in that group would listen to the sound of it dropping and try to guess which object it is. The team holds up their object that’s the same as the one they think it is. After a while of that,Mrs.Brettmann assigned letters to each of the objects. By dropping things in,the teams sent words to each other,and Elizabeth and I [my team] were the only ones in the class who guessed the word right! We each got a star. In my class,we get stars for recycling,eating all our lunch,being nice,and good work. If we get ten stars,we get to pick out a free book,and get a new name tag. In art,we started working on what we call “stained glass”. We got wax paper and small shreds of construction paper. We painted the scraps on with liquid corn starch,over lapping each other. Mrs.Brettmann said we could continue that tomorrow in the morning.

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2 Responses to Back to School with Many Fun Activities

  1. Peggy says:

    That’s nice that you’re happy to be back to school! And I’m going to have to try that running around like a chicken!

  2. Brad says:

    That stuff all sounds fun. I’m glad to be back in school too.

    That science experiment sounds fun. You could make up your own secret code of sounds and send secret messages! It makes me want to do it at home.

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