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Magical Magic

Today I went to a magic show with my friend Anna,who I talked about in a different post. The magic man[I called it that because I can’t spell the other word for it] was Adam White. I’d went to one … Continue reading

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Original Works

In school,every year, we do something called Original Works. Original Works is when we draw pictures and order things such as pillow cases & T-shirts & coffee mugs & mouse pads with your picture on them. I’m doing a lily.I … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Carving

Today,we carved pumpkins.Daniel didn’t want to help pick out the seeds,so he’s not going to get to eat any.My pumpkin has a kitty face,Rachel’s has a scary face,and Daniel has,on my opinion,a kinda scary face,but mostly insane.It was fun.On Daniel’s … Continue reading

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Friends,enemies,or animals that tolorate each other,but don’t exactly like each other?

Our cats,Snowy & Dede are a mystery.When Snowy first joined our household,he wanted to play with Dede,but Dede,old as she is,didn’t want to wrestle around,and when Snowy found out,he just attacked her in a bully type of way.Later,they just accepted … Continue reading

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Leaf Sucker Girls!

Yesterday my friend Anna came over.We had fun.We played a lot & then we raked leaves.We jumped in them and then gathered them up again.When we were done,we raked them up once more.Next,I went to ask my dad how we … Continue reading

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Baby Turtle!

    Today when my dad was running in the morning,on the bike trail,he found a cute baby turtle!As much as I’d like to raise a turtle,I know we can’t keep him/her.We’re gonna let him go sometime soon,today,the cute little … Continue reading

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Cat Sceme

Every day,while I walk or ride my bike home from school,I walk out back & down the alley to get home.I know four cats that live there:One cat I just know about but I don’t know his/her name.Another two are … Continue reading

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Instruct Instruct

In school,we are working on making instructions on how to do something.It can be anything at all,but it has to make sense,for example,you can’t do something like ‘how to scream’.I had to think on this one for a long time.But,I … Continue reading

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Reading Classics

Today was my first day in Reading Classics.It’s fun.Reading Classics is when you read books on a list.We meet every Monday,after school.Sometimes, our coach reads books from the list to us.Then,we get to check out books from the list.[This all … Continue reading

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