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Magical Magic

Today I went to a magic show with my friend Anna,who I talked about in a different post. The magic man[I called it that because I can’t spell the other word for it] was Adam White. I’d went to one … Continue reading

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Original Works

In school,every year, we do something called Original Works. Original Works is when we draw pictures and order things such as pillow cases & T-shirts & coffee mugs & mouse pads with your picture on them. I’m doing a lily.I … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Carving

Today,we carved pumpkins.Daniel didn’t want to help pick out the seeds,so he’s not going to get to eat any.My pumpkin has a kitty face,Rachel’s has a scary face,and Daniel has,on my opinion,a kinda scary face,but mostly insane.It was fun.On Daniel’s … Continue reading

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Friends,enemies,or animals that tolorate each other,but don’t exactly like each other?

Our cats,Snowy & Dede are a mystery.When Snowy first joined our household,he wanted to play with Dede,but Dede,old as she is,didn’t want to wrestle around,and when Snowy found out,he just attacked her in a bully type of way.Later,they just accepted … Continue reading

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Leaf Sucker Girls!

Yesterday my friend Anna came over.We had fun.We played a lot & then we raked leaves.We jumped in them and then gathered them up again.When we were done,we raked them up once more.Next,I went to ask my dad how we … Continue reading

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Baby Turtle!

    Today when my dad was running in the morning,on the bike trail,he found a cute baby turtle!As much as I’d like to raise a turtle,I know we can’t keep him/her.We’re gonna let him go sometime soon,today,the cute little … Continue reading

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Cat Sceme

Every day,while I walk or ride my bike home from school,I walk out back & down the alley to get home.I know four cats that live there:One cat I just know about but I don’t know his/her name.Another two are … Continue reading

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