Batman’s Biggest Secret

An author named Marc Tyler Nobleman spoke to my class today, and he loves superheroes and has written a book about the makers of Superman and one about the makers of Batman. He told us that all of the Batman comics are credited to a guy named Bob Kane. Bob Kane only illustrated a couple, and wrote none of them. Mostly he had people ghost illustrate for him, and they were all written by a guy named Bill Finger. Bill Finger was only given public credit for Batman a couple of times, once Bob Kane actually said about one sentence about it in his autobiography, and at Bill Finger’s death a magazine published an article giving him credit, but for most of his life, only Bill’s friends and family knew who the true maker of Batman was. When Bill died, his son spread his ashes on a beach in the form of a bat and let the tide wash it away. When Bob Kane died, his gravestone said a long speech about how noble he was, how true and kind he was, just like his character Batman. They forgot to engrave the part about lying and stealing. I think it was a horrible injustice to Bill, and Bob Kane never put Bill’s name on any comics or really told anyone. This story really touched me. I think an injustice like that just HAS to be changed. Read it in Marc Tyler Nobleman’s book, ‘Bill the Boy Wonder’ . I also think it’s REALLY cool how Marc Tyler Nobleman did all sorts of research to solve an old mystery. That is totally awesome. And of course Bill Finger. Here’s to the real creator of Batman!

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