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Sleeping Over at the Spelling Bee

WOW! I’ve been forgetting to blog,though the events to blog about have been plentiful! I’ll start with this:There was a spelling bee. Before hand,all the classes have had tests to find their best speller. I just barely made it! I … Continue reading

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Stuff from Sunday and Monday

On Sunday,I went to my first Chinese class.Anna Herl and I are signed up for Chinese classes in Lincoln.There’s a lot of other students,and all of them are 4,5,or 6.There’s mostly girls.There’s two boys.Their names are Koko,Mae Ling,& Roger,and there’s … Continue reading

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Finally Found!

I spent the whole time between after supper and bed on the computer.I decided to find the very first Blog Post Brad ever made.I spent 3 and a half hours total looking for it.I was taking forever to find it … Continue reading

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Tic-Tac Toe Two Snow Days in a Row

Wow am I surprised! I’ve been wanting snow all winter and now,half a foot of snow! Two snow days! This is great! Yesterday was the first snow day of the year. Today is the second. Rachel took Daniel, Dalton(Daniel’s friend), … Continue reading

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Back to School with Many Fun Activities

Well,I’m back in school now! I’ve done a lot of fun stuff so far today,and I’m sure the rest of the day will be great! In school,I have to say my favorite part of school was gym,science,or art. In gym,we … Continue reading

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The Gifts From the LONG Christmas vacation

What a vacation!!!! Sadly, I’m finally finished with Christmas vacation. But I am VERY satisfied with my Christmas vacation. I don’t know where to start! I got a lot of awesome presents,and I like’emall! From Daniel, I got two Nerf … Continue reading

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