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Batman’s Biggest Secret

An author named Marc Tyler Nobleman spoke to my class today, and he loves superheroes and has written a book about the makers of Superman and one about the makers of Batman. He told us that all of the Batman … Continue reading

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In case you’re wondering, no, I did not go to Greece. I dreamed I did. I dreamed I killed a giant bat thing that was attacking me, and some other evil bat thing found its wing, and he liked the … Continue reading

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The Band

Last night, I had a dream that several of my classmates and I got together and formed a band. We kept singing ‘Chimpanzee Ridin’ on a Segway as fast as we could. We were playing at the Fun Fair, and … Continue reading

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Easter.. Again..

Last night, I dreamed that next Sunday was Easter. I dreamed there was a huge field with a huge cross decorated in Easter lilies. It was weird though, because I vaguely remember someone was after me, so I was in … Continue reading

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At the Baseball Diamond

I dreamed that my family were all Native Americans, and we were homeless. Fortunately for us, lots of homeless people lived at St. John. So, we went to live there. We decided to live at the baseball diamond, but there … Continue reading

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I probably dreamed this one because I watched Wreck-It-Ralph last night. Anyway, I dreamed I was a racer in the game Sugar Rush, and I was never in last, never in first. Nobody passed me, I passed nobody. I felt … Continue reading

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The City

I remember this dream in full detail. We were having a school Revue, and I almost forgot my lines. Then, Matthew Sherman came up to me in the middle of it and told me he had to go. So, I … Continue reading

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Last night, I dreamed that I met a boy named Pepsi, who was my age and was like me in every respect of personality. He was also a famous movie star. I knew he’d by my perfect friend. But too … Continue reading

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The War

My dad said I should start blogging my dreams. He says its odd that I always remember them. So from now on, if I have a dream, I’ll post it. Last night, I dreamed we were at war with the … Continue reading

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Arbor Day

On Arbor Day, there was a big celebration at the Civic Center. The St. John fourth grade and a WHOLE lot of Seward Elementary kids attended. Each school did a presentation. Us St. John kids had written our own poem … Continue reading

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