Batman’s Biggest Secret

An author named Marc Tyler Nobleman spoke to my class today, and he loves superheroes and has written a book about the makers of Superman and one about the makers of Batman. He told us that all of the Batman comics are credited to a guy named Bob Kane. Bob Kane only illustrated a couple, and wrote none of them. Mostly he had people ghost illustrate for him, and they were all written by a guy named Bill Finger. Bill Finger was only given public credit for Batman a couple of times, once Bob Kane actually said about one sentence about it in his autobiography, and at Bill Finger’s death a magazine published an article giving him credit, but for most of his life, only Bill’s friends and family knew who the true maker of Batman was. When Bill died, his son spread his ashes on a beach in the form of a bat and let the tide wash it away. When Bob Kane died, his gravestone said a long speech about how noble he was, how true and kind he was, just like his character Batman. They forgot to engrave the part about lying and stealing. I think it was a horrible injustice to Bill, and Bob Kane never put Bill’s name on any comics or really told anyone. This story really touched me. I think an injustice like that just HAS to be changed. Read it in Marc Tyler Nobleman’s book, ‘Bill the Boy Wonder’ . I also think it’s REALLY cool how Marc Tyler Nobleman did all sorts of research to solve an old mystery. That is totally awesome. And of course Bill Finger. Here’s to the real creator of Batman!
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In case you’re wondering, no, I did not go to Greece. I dreamed I did. I dreamed I killed a giant bat thing that was attacking me, and some other evil bat thing found its wing, and he liked the way I did that, and he wanted me to kill another evil bat thing, and so he hypnotized me to make me want to find it, and there were a bunch of Greek people who knew what he was doing and tried to talk me out of it, and I didn’t listen, but then the Roman army rode in on dinosaurs (that part of my dream isn’t totally weird, I read a book about Romans in the land of dinosaurs) and the Greek and the Romans hated each other, and they started fighting, so I drove my car that I’m too young to drive past them and began pursuing the evil bat thing in the car ahead of me, and he was just leaving the Wal-Mart parking lot, so I gained a lot on him before the Roman Centurion went right in front of me and made me stop. Then he threw magic dust at me and made me back to my own mind. Then, I woke up.

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The Band

Last night, I had a dream that several of my classmates and I got together and formed a band. We kept singing ‘Chimpanzee Ridin’ on a Segway as fast as we could. We were playing at the Fun Fair, and we got free tickets for playing! It was really weird because we could take turns switching off super powers of the Teen Titans. (It’s an awesome T.V. show). But in a more nightmarish part of my dreams, I was dared to walk to Lincoln, and I was walking in the Plum Creek area, and I was determined to do it. I had to cross Plum Creek on this skinny, railing-less, two foot wide supposedly bridge. And to help things along, the creek was now a mile wide and really far below me. This is NOT the first time I dreamed about crossing a river on a skinny, railing-less, two foot wide supposedly bridge. It probably has something to do with lakes, ponds, rivers, oceans, I am afraid to go in them. I don’t really swim well at all. But the fun part of my dream was good!

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Easter.. Again..

Last night, I dreamed that next Sunday was Easter. I dreamed there was a huge field with a huge cross decorated in Easter lilies. It was weird though, because I vaguely remember someone was after me, so I was in hiding. I don’t remember this dream as well as I normally do…

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At the Baseball Diamond

I dreamed that my family were all Native Americans, and we were homeless. Fortunately for us, lots of homeless people lived at St. John. So, we went to live there. We decided to live at the baseball diamond, but there was a mean dude living there and he wanted to scare us, so he said to me, “How do you turn your hair darker?” and I said, “Hair dye?” and then he said, “No, you have to press it into the dirt.” And I thought that was a weird threat, then I climbed over the fence. Then I was in a different part of the dream, and we were having a ceremony, and some old lady said I was the bravest one of all, and I thought that was weird because I just climbed over the fence and took off. In my dream I was still pondering that when I woke up, about only one minute before my alarm clock.

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I probably dreamed this one because I watched Wreck-It-Ralph last night. Anyway, I dreamed I was a racer in the game Sugar Rush, and I was never in last, never in first. Nobody passed me, I passed nobody. I felt like I was just on a long road trip except in a go-kart. I was driving, and driving, and BAM Snowy was trotting up to me. He said meow, I said not now! and he jumped onto the car. He commenced rubbing my face which is what he always does when I’m doing something and he wants attention. Instead of looking at the road, I watched the little map on the dashboard like in Mario kart that shows you where to go. So, I crossed the finish line that way, with a cat on my face. Then I woke up.

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The City

I remember this dream in full detail. We were having a school Revue, and I almost forgot my lines. Then, Matthew Sherman came up to me in the middle of it and told me he had to go. So, I said Matthew’s lines too. And then, just as I said the last line I would have to say, Dad came up to me and told me it was time to go on a road trip to the big city. We went out a door that usually led to the stage, but it was an exit in my dream. I remember that on the car ride, when we were in an area with lots of cars, a man I didn’t know that now reminds me of Usher jumped onto our car, then onto the one beside us, and so forth until he had crossed the street. I said I thought that was weird, then Dad turned to me and said, “Oh, that’s how everyone used to get around when I was your age.” Weird. Then I was in another part of the dream, when I was visiting every business on the right side of the street. Everyone in every business knew my name. So I went back to our car and said, “Dad, I don’t like the city. Everyone over there knows my name.” So Dad told me we would never come back again, and I remember being so relieved at that point in my dream. Then I woke up.

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Last night, I dreamed that I met a boy named Pepsi, who was my age and was like me in every respect of personality. He was also a famous movie star. I knew he’d by my perfect friend. But too soon, my family all had to leave. Now the question is, why the name Pepsi?

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The War

My dad said I should start blogging my dreams. He says its odd that I always remember them. So from now on, if I have a dream, I’ll post it. Last night, I dreamed we were at war with the evil frog-people. My cats were spies, and they could talk, and my cats played a major part in winning the war. And they jumped out the window a lot instead of using the door.

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Arbor Day

On Arbor Day, there was a big celebration at the Civic Center. The St. John fourth grade and a WHOLE lot of Seward Elementary kids attended. Each school did a presentation. Us St. John kids had written our own poem about trees and we recited it, and the other gigantic group sang a couple songs and then they twisted their baseball caps around backwards and did a rap. Then the winners of the My Favorite Tree Drawing Contest were announced, and I heard a whole lot of kids from my school announced as winners, including Shannon Snow from my class, third place in our division. Then we went and got free cookies and rode the bus back to school. At school, we got free trees! They’re little baby trees though. I named mine Benjamin and I will raise him like a son. I like to pretend he has an older brother named Joseph and a whole lot of half brothers. : ) yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu89…….. [Snowy get off the keyboard! Bad kitty!]

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