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Christmas Party

Yesterday,in school,our class had our Christmas party.We started by making a craft. We made a Mary, a Joseph, and a Jesus. Then,we had the gift exchange while munching snacks. Mrs. Brettmann drew numbers on the boy gifts,and the girl gifts. … Continue reading

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Decorating for Christmas

Today,I decorated the kitties’ house for Christmas. The kitties’ house is a box I decorated for them and put in the garage. I started by taking a red ribbon and putting it at the top of the doorway. Then,I made … Continue reading

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Christmas Tour

Two days ago,I was bored,so I gave a video tour of the house with all the Christmas decorations. I just took my camera and gave a tour. This is my first post with a video,so I might take me a … Continue reading

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Breakfast in Bethlehem

Yesterday,I went to Breakfast in Bethlehem. St. John does this every year. In the morning, we go there to have breakfast,and do fun activities. I saw lots of my friends there,and it was fun! You get “passports” to get stamped … Continue reading

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Last Saturday,I went to the eye doctor. They did some tests,and,turns out,I needed glasses!!! I picked out blue frames. I don’t have to wear them when I’m on the computer,like now,or when I’m reading,& mom’s really picky about me wearing … Continue reading

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