Decorating for Christmas

Today,I decorated the kitties’ house for Christmas. The kitties’ house is a box I decorated for them and put in the garage. I started by taking a red ribbon and putting it at the top of the doorway. Then,I made a little wreath and put it in the window. Next,I cut up some paper and put it on the roof to make it look like there was snow on the roof. After that,I made red and green construction paper loops and stuck ’em on the side. Finally,I made two snowmen and put them in the back of the inside. It’s a nice house,and I tested it on Midnight. She didn’t chew on anything,but that doesn’t mean Snowy won’t!

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4 Responses to Decorating for Christmas

  1. Peggy says:

    Did you take a picture of it? That is something I’d really like to see!

  2. 911girl says:

    Something I find hilarious is that on the box it said:”CAT 48 STORE IN FREEZER”! It looks to me that somebody owns over 48 cats, so they name them by number. And for some reason,this person wants to put “Cat 48″in the freezer.

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