Breakfast in Bethlehem

Yesterday,I went to Breakfast in Bethlehem. St. John does this every year. In the morning, we go there to have breakfast,and do fun activities. I saw lots of my friends there,and it was fun! You get “passports” to get stamped whenever you do something. I did everything. I started at the cookie shop. I made a snowflake,a Christmas tree,and a sleigh. I ate all but the snowflake. I didn’t decorate the chocolate Oreo on a stick. Then I went to the craft shop. I made a baby Jesus in a manger. Then I went to Christmas story time. Mrs.Blanke read The Little Drummer Boy to us. It was good. Then I went to the gift shop. I bought and wrapped mom & dad’s presents. I won’t tell you what they are,because mom & dad read this. Then,I went to get my picture taken. I got my breakfast to go,so right after I got my picture taken,I stamped for breakfast. The picture made me feel lonely,because it was called “Family Photo”and I was alone. It made me feel like an orphan,not that I am.

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3 Responses to Breakfast in Bethlehem

  1. Brad says:

    That looks fun!

    Mmm… Christmas cookies… I need to make some of those. The only problem is that I eat them all myself. But mmm… I should make some anyway.

  2. Dad says:

    I haven’t seen your solo family picture yet- I hope you don’t look too sad.

  3. Anna says:

    Mom hasn’t gotten that yet.I smiled nice and pretty.

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