Christmas Party

Yesterday,in school,our class had our Christmas party.We started by making a craft. We made a Mary, a Joseph, and a Jesus. Then,we had the gift exchange while munching snacks. Mrs. Brettmann drew numbers on the boy gifts,and the girl gifts. We would draw numbers, and that was the gift we’d get. I was girl number thirteen,so I got girl gift number thirteen. That was from Elizabeth. I got Squinkies that came with a ring and a bracelet you could attatch them to. The most amazing present was from Isaac,it was hot cocoa mix,marshmallows,and a sled!!!!! I’m not happy about it because Mrs.Brettmann said not to spend more than $5.00 on the gift! Elizabeth gives each classmate an ornament every year,and this year was a bell. It was sad,because on Monday,our hamster Fu Fu died. But it was awesome because today,as a Christmas gift,Elise’s Mom came and gave us a new hamster named Squeakers,and he looks like Humphrey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(I like Humphrey)

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3 Responses to Christmas Party

  1. 911girl says:

    Oh,and I almost forgot. I also got in my present a note book and blue pen,and with them I drew a picture of Squeakers.

  2. Peggy says:

    Yay for fun Christmas Parties! And crafts! I love crafts!

    And welcome Squeakers! (I’ve seemed to have gone exclamation point happy! )

  3. Brad says:

    Ha! You got the picture!

    Merry Christmas!

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