The City

I remember this dream in full detail. We were having a school Revue, and I almost forgot my lines. Then, Matthew Sherman came up to me in the middle of it and told me he had to go. So, I said Matthew’s lines too. And then, just as I said the last line I would have to say, Dad came up to me and told me it was time to go on a road trip to the big city. We went out a door that usually led to the stage, but it was an exit in my dream. I remember that on the car ride, when we were in an area with lots of cars, a man I didn’t know that now reminds me of Usher jumped onto our car, then onto the one beside us, and so forth until he had crossed the street. I said I thought that was weird, then Dad turned to me and said, “Oh, that’s how everyone used to get around when I was your age.” Weird. Then I was in another part of the dream, when I was visiting every business on the right side of the street. Everyone in every business knew my name. So I went back to our car and said, “Dad, I don’t like the city. Everyone over there knows my name.” So Dad told me we would never come back again, and I remember being so relieved at that point in my dream. Then I woke up.

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