The NAIA National Tournament

On Friday, we left to Sioux City for the NAIA national tournament because Concordia’s women’s basketball team was in it this year. We stayed in the same hotel as Sasha and Jonathan and their parents. We went to a lot of games that day, and the very last one was when Concordia played. That was when Addie came. We went down by the railing where the Concordia students (Rachel included) were standing to watch the game. The next day, I went swimming with Sasha and Jonathan after breakfast. I was glad to have somebody to share all of our pool toys with. After I was done swimming, we checked out of the hotel. Then we went000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 [Snowy, get off the keyboard!] to Hobby Lobby where I got a ladybug playground (I already have a roly-poly playground from the same company), then to Kohl’s, then Maurice’s, then we went to the games. When the Concordia game was starting Rachel, Mom, Dad and I moved to different seats, and I asked if I could go stand up front by the college students again and I found Addie, Gemma, Luke and Abby Baack there. Gemma and Luke were both wearing their Bulldog Puppies T-shirts like I was and Abby and Addie both had pom-poms like mine and were holding signs. With a little help from the college students we were cheering like mad and I think our crazy encouragement helped because WE WON! Now the Concordia Bulldogs are going to be in the final four!

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