National Lutheran Schools Week

This week was National Lutheran Schools Week. The festivities began on Sunday, with the Fun Fair. The Fun Fair is this thing when you buy red tickets. You pay one or two red tickets (depending on how many times you want to play) to play a game. Whatever game you play you win yellow tickets. Yellow tickets can be traded in for prizes. This year I won three champagne party poppers, Pop Rocks, eight wax bottles, a cool sounding whistle, and a ball on an elastic cord that you throw to play catch with yourself.

On Monday, we had our school Newcomb tournament. For those of you who don’t know, Newcomb is a game with a volleyball and a net when players throw the ball over the net,and someone on the other team has to try to catch it, and if they don’t, whoever missed it is out. But if you throw it and it lands out of bounds, you are out. This year, the teams were divided by color. I was on the purple team, and we got last in our division.

Nothing really happened on Tuesday or Wednesday…

On Thursday, we had a giant field trip to the state capitol. We saw senators making laws, those colorful famous doors, and we all passed the bar on our way out of the Nebraska supreme court 🙂 . Then we moved on to the governor’s mansion. As we were touring, we got a wonderful surprise; while we were touring the dining room, the first lady of Nebraska herself popped in along with the first puppy of Nebraska named Snickers. He reminded me of our cat we used to have and that was probably because our cat’s name was Snickers.

And today we didn’t have school. 🙂

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