Parties and Pictures

Well, today is the first day of Christmas break. Yesterday, the whole school had their parties. The fourth grade party was pretty good, considering it took up a lot of our half-day of school. We watched the old version of the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. It was good, but the technology back then wasn’t very impressive. It was about two hours long,and we didn’t even finish it! Another thing that happened was that Selah came back! Selah is my teacher’s puppy and our class pet, but then Principal Koopman said she had to go to obedience school. We hadn’t seen her for two months, but she finally came back! She might drop in almost every school day now. We’re all 🙂 very 🙂 happy. 🙂 🙂 🙂

          Now, about pictures, after school Aunt Beth wanted to take some pictures of all the grand-kids. So we went outside, by the back fence and the trees and had our pictures taken. Uncle Brad was there too and he took our pictures as well. I’ve only seen him on the internet lately, but he was there! Then Aunt Beth had us do something all artsy, because she had us, Rachel Alicia Daniel Anna Tara Tim, all hold hands and walk, with our backs to the camera. Then she had us turn around and walk toward the camera holding hands. I felt seriously stupid. After pictures, grandma gave us (Us meaning Tim Daniel & Anna) a ride to her house. At her house, I discovered Uncle Brad’s phone. It had Siri, a thing when you ask it a question through the microphone and it tells you the answer. It can answer questions like who famous people are, and what the forecast is, and directions. Tim and Uncle Brad were messing around and I had the phone. Tim stole Brad’s sock, and I asked Siri, ” Why did my cousin steal my uncle’s sock?” I don’t know what it thought I said, but it told me that there was no stock called ‘cousin steal my uncle’. Wierd.

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1 Response to Parties and Pictures

  1. Brad says:

    Hehe… I like the voice memo you left on my phone.

    Siri says ‘hi’.

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