Homework on Christmas Vacation

Well, believe it or not, Mr. Wilcox gave us homework over Christmas vacation. I don’t think it was that bad though, because I did it on my first day back. Earlier in the year, he had given us an assignment to write a story. I was happy, because I love writing and I’m going to be an author when I grow up. So anyway, I wrote a sequel to a comic I drew, except in the form of a story. He likes our stories so much, he wants us to type it up so he can enter them in a writing contest. The Adventures of Secret Agent Raphael, Super Snowy and Didi is what I call it. My cats fight crime as a secret agent, a super hero, and a ninja. The villain is Spot, a super mean cat who lives across the street. The story goes like this:


                                       SUPER SNOWY AND DIDI






One day, a little white cat that was actually a super-cat named Snowy was happily purring on his owner Anna’s lap, when his phone rang.

“What could that be?” Anna said in surprise. Snowy jumped down from her lap and the chair she was sitting on and bolted for the kitty door. This is exactly why people think I’m crazy. Snowy thought. Oh well. Duty calls!

Once Snowy was outside, he answered his phone.

“Snowy, change into your super hero suit and meet me in my dojo.” It was Didi, a ninja cat who fought crime with him. (A dojo is what a ninja’s hideout is called).

In almost no time at all, Snowy was Super Snowy and joined his friends under the porch (Didi’s dojo). Didi was there, along with Secret Agent Raphael, a Spy cat that helped fight crime with the other two cats.

Secret Agent Raphael explained the situation to Snowy. “Things have been disappearing from human’s homes all over the neighborhood! We’re guessing it was that villain-of-a-cat Spot’s doing. I’ve been watching my crime detector, and there’s actually a pattern. And according to that pattern, the mystery thief will strike here next.”

All was completely silent as the three heroes pondered what to do. Finally, Didi suggested, “We could position ourselves at the entrances, since there are three of them.”

Agent Raphael pondered that idea carefully, but then said, ”Hmmmmmmm…  it’s a start, but how do we know that the thief uses doors?  I’ve got a better idea. Let’s call the director of the Spy Cats Organization, or the S.C.O., and tell him-“

“You mean you can?” Snowy cut him off. “You’re the secret agent, not Didi and I, remember dum-dum?”

OKAY I’ll go do that!”  Agent Raphael said. “And Snowy? Unless you want to die by my ray gun, you’re not going to call me dum-dum again.”

When Agent Raphael returned from his head quarters (In the garage attic), he brought news that the director of the S.C.O. was very concerned about their situation and suggested they put locks on all doors and windows and put up security cameras by all the entrances.

So they did just that, and stationed Secret Agent Raphael at his HQ to watch the screens of the security cameras, Didi at Spot’s house across the street to spy on him, and had Snowy patrol the outside of their house.

All of a sudden, all three of them were panicking, because Raphael realized they had forgotten to put a lock on the cat-flap, Didi discovered that Spot sleeping on the rug was a hologram and Snowy came around the corner of the house just in time to watch in dismay as the kitty-door clicked shut.

Raphael slipped on his teleportation belt and popped up next to Snowy. Without saying a word, super-cat and spy-cat both went through the kitty-door. It clicked shut behind them, but then clicked again as if someone else had come through! But it was only Didi, coming along to help.

The cats scoured every room in the house, trying to find where Spot might be. Finally, they came to Daniel’s room.

There was Spot, making off with about $50.00 of Daniel’s money in change that Daniel kept in a jar.


Didi chased him onto the roof and the others closed the window behind them, so as to not wake Daniel. Snowy pinned Spot and Raphael caught the money jar just before it rolled off the edge of the roof.

Spot knew his plan was ruined, but he tried to sound tough, like he didn’t think they would beat him as he said, “You cannot defeat me! I the supreme villain-cat above all villain-cats, could defeat you three with three of my paws hog-tied behind my back, and wearing a muzzle!”

“But that’s where you’re wrong, Spot.” Snowy told him. “You’re not tied in any way, yet we’ve already beat you.”

And with that, Snowy flipped him onto his back and flew Spot over to his house, where he dropped him into a cat carrier, closed the door and locked it, as an alternative jail cell.

The next morning, the heroic trio of cats had a party in the cellar, which was Snowy’s hideout. They rolled around in catnip, chanting,  “We win! We won! Victory is ours! VICTORY!”

Meanwhile, Spot sat plotting his escape and next diabolical scheme.

“I’ll get you cats.” He muttered. Then he laughed evilly.

But judging by how they handled his last scheme, the three cats weren’t worried in the slightest about what he might do. All that mattered was that for now, the neighborhood was safe.



The End.

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  1. 911girl says:

    I hope you liked my story! By the way, that was my 50th post ever! Isn’t that cool?!

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