Vacation Ends

Yesterday we got home from vacation. We had not gone on a really big vacation as usual,but just into Missouri. I was so disappointed that we didn’t go to uncle Brad’s house. First we went to our Grandma and Grandpa’s house for three days. We got to see my cousin Jeremiah. We had lunch at the best restaurant ever,Ryan’s, then my dad bought me a new DS game,then we went to Jeremiah’s house. Daniel just lay in the hammock most of the time,and I got to meet their chickens. They also had super adorable kittens,each about five or six inches tall,they were so tiny and cute.                                                                               The next day,Jeremiah came over,and we all went for a walk down the country road. Aunt Amy’s dog Cole came too,but Daniel didn’t come. After walking a LONG time,we came to a creek. The water was perfectly clear,revealing LOTS of crayfish and little minnows. The next day we went to the creek again,with Daniel,and had fun then too. I even saw a frog who still had a tail!!!!                                                                                                                               Throughout the days,there was a little bright green frog I named Froggy, out back of the house. On the side of a shed,there was an air conditioner thing. Froggy was always hiding under it.  We went home on Tuesday,but went to Kansas City the next day. The day after that,we went to World’s of Fun. I’m going to tell you about that in pictures. I sadly don’t have a picture on the first roller coaster I ever rode,The Timber Wolf,or the second,The Spinning Dragons.

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3 Responses to Vacation Ends

  1. Brad says:

    1) The expression on the other kids’ faces in the first picture is hilarious! And you’re just smiling.
    2) I’m sorry you couldn’t make it to my house this time. You’re welcome any time.
    3) The last picture is awesome. The background is all spinny, but all of you are in focus. Cool.

  2. 911girl says:

    1) In the first picture the other kids probably hadn’t ridden that ride before,so they didn’t know what to expect.
    2) I wish I could go to your house a lot more often. Visiting you and Max is SSOOOOOOOO much fun!
    3) The Flying Dutchman was kind of boring because it was so quiet and it was such a smooth ride,but that made it feel like we were really flying!

  3. 911 girl says:

    The last picture is like that because my dad was taking the picture while the ride was moving and he and mom were on with us.

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