Last night, I dreamed that I met a boy named Pepsi, who was my age and was like me in every respect of personality. He was also a famous movie star. I knew he’d by my perfect friend. But too soon, my family all had to leave. Now the question is, why the name Pepsi?

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The War

My dad said I should start blogging my dreams. He says its odd that I always remember them. So from now on, if I have a dream, I’ll post it. Last night, I dreamed we were at war with the evil frog-people. My cats were spies, and they could talk, and my cats played a major part in winning the war. And they jumped out the window a lot instead of using the door.

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Arbor Day

On Arbor Day, there was a big celebration at the Civic Center. The St. John fourth grade and a WHOLE lot of Seward Elementary kids attended. Each school did a presentation. Us St. John kids had written our own poem about trees and we recited it, and the other gigantic group sang a couple songs and then they twisted their baseball caps around backwards and did a rap. Then the winners of the My Favorite Tree Drawing Contest were announced, and I heard a whole lot of kids from my school announced as winners, including Shannon Snow from my class, third place in our division. Then we went and got free cookies and rode the bus back to school. At school, we got free trees! They’re little baby trees though. I named mine Benjamin and I will raise him like a son. I like to pretend he has an older brother named Joseph and a whole lot of half brothers. : ) yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu89…….. [Snowy get off the keyboard! Bad kitty!]

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VERY Happy Easter

Yesterday was Easter, and I had a perfect day. First thing, I went downstairs to look in my Easter basket to see what the Easter Bunny brought me. My basket was a smorgasbord of candy, including a solid one pound chocolate bunny, and on the table four movies were lined up; Happy Feet II, The Adventures of Tin Tin, a pack that included All Dogs Go To Heaven I and II, and Annie since the Easter Bunny knows that’s the musical I’m doing. Then, we went to church, where Daniel carried the Lily Cross, Matthew Sherman, Abby Van Velson and I played violin, and towards the end of the service, members of the congregation were invited to come up to the balcony and join the choir in singing the Hallelujah Chorus, and sing they did! Abby, Matthew and I (or at least just me) were all wishing we had asked for sheet music, because it sounded glorious and as soon as they started, we were itching to join in. I wonder if God was smiling as much as I was, of if He was even happier, because like I said, it sounded perfect! After that, we went to a service in a nursing home and listened to my dad preach. Then we got to hand out coffee filter butterflies to the old people. After that we went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. We had a giant feast for lunch, then us kids were told to stay downstairs (meaning Tara, Tim,Rachel, Alicia, Daniel, Rachel’s friends Collin and Matt and me) while the adults hid the eggs. When it was time, Grandma came down to explain the rules. We each had to find twenty-four eggs with our own name written on them.The boundaries were anywhere around the duplex, including the deck. There was one golden egg, and it didn’t have any name on it because whoever found it, got it. Anyway, I stopped looking for my last two eggs right quick when Aunt Beth told us that the golden egg was somewhere in the back yard. After some time, we were also told it was not on the deck. Then, we were told that Tim was the closest, so we all went over to where Tim was, and he was reaching under the corner of the deck. I got down beside him and reached under too. Finally, I grew impatient and crawled right under the deck. Under some lawn clipping bits of grass thingies, was the golden egg! “I GOT IT!” I yelled. I got out from under the deck, and after watching Daniel jump up and down screaming (his version of imitating me), went to search for my last two eggs. I watched as Collin and Matt played hot and cold to help Rachel find one of her eggs. She dug around in a bush and pulled out an egg. Then she said, “This is Anna’s.” Everyone looked at Matt as he insisted he thought it said Rachel. So I thanked him and went to look for my last egg. But I never found it. So I just went inside and emptied my eggs. The Golden Egg contained five dollars. After hanging out a bit, we went to go rent a movie at The Movie Place. I went straight to the gumball machine to spend one of the three quarters that I found in an egg up in a tree. The first one I got had winner written on it! So I got to keep a coupon for a free movie rental and a different gumball. I gave away my two other quarters to Daniel and either Collin or Matt. My day concluded with jumping on the trampoline with Rachel and her friends and making s’mores sitting around the fire.

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Spelling Bee

Again, the bees that spell plague me. This time it was at a church. Grandpa Royuk paid the entry fee (thanks grandpa!) so I could do it. It was awesome because they had silly hats you could wear, but we didn’t get to keep them. Anyway, it was an oral spelling bee, and all ages were welcome. But the adults got harder words than me. I got all the way up to the final three, but I got out on one of the stupidest words ever: judgement judgment. This site didn’t underline either of the spellings! But when I spelled it with an e, the crowd was clapping because they thought it was right, but the judges were shaking their heads, so I went out. But, each participant won a can of alphabet soup, and I won a twenty-five dollar check for being the farthest non-adult competitor. I should feed my alphabet soup to my cats and see if they talk.  🙂

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The Lincoln youth theater is having a musical; Annie. Auditions were last Saturday, and today we’re having our first practice.I got the part of a servant. in the audition, I sang the last part of Tomorrow, and read a line they had available from 101 Dalmatians. The rest of the time, we had snack, lunch, and listened to Derek tell us stories. I can tell that I’m going to have a lot of fun with this!

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The NAIA National Tournament

On Friday, we left to Sioux City for the NAIA national tournament because Concordia’s women’s basketball team was in it this year. We stayed in the same hotel as Sasha and Jonathan and their parents. We went to a lot of games that day, and the very last one was when Concordia played. That was when Addie came. We went down by the railing where the Concordia students (Rachel included) were standing to watch the game. The next day, I went swimming with Sasha and Jonathan after breakfast. I was glad to have somebody to share all of our pool toys with. After I was done swimming, we checked out of the hotel. Then we went000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 [Snowy, get off the keyboard!] to Hobby Lobby where I got a ladybug playground (I already have a roly-poly playground from the same company), then to Kohl’s, then Maurice’s, then we went to the games. When the Concordia game was starting Rachel, Mom, Dad and I moved to different seats, and I asked if I could go stand up front by the college students again and I found Addie, Gemma, Luke and Abby Baack there. Gemma and Luke were both wearing their Bulldog Puppies T-shirts like I was and Abby and Addie both had pom-poms like mine and were holding signs. With a little help from the college students we were cheering like mad and I think our crazy encouragement helped because WE WON! Now the Concordia Bulldogs are going to be in the final four!

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