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Training cats…and Shoes…and a Party

Yesterday,I bought a new book at the book fair St. John’s having. It’s a book I saw at the end of last week,but kept forgetting to bring money to school so I could buy it after school. But on Tuesday, … Continue reading

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A Trip to the Vet for Raphael

Today,in the morning,Dad and I took Raphael to the vet to get shots,an operation so he couldn’t make babies,and checked for ear mites. Normally,a cat would be mewing and panicking the second they’re put into the cat carrier,but Raphael just … Continue reading

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The Awards Ceremony

went to the civic center for the awards ceremony. I had won a prize in the Seward Womens club short story contest thing. When I got in the civic center once we were there,I looked at the art that had … Continue reading

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Sleeping Over at the Spelling Bee

WOW! I’ve been forgetting to blog,though the events to blog about have been plentiful! I’ll start with this:There was a spelling bee. Before hand,all the classes have had tests to find their best speller. I just barely made it! I … Continue reading

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Stuff from Sunday and Monday

On Sunday,I went to my first Chinese class.Anna Herl and I are signed up for Chinese classes in Lincoln.There’s a lot of other students,and all of them are 4,5,or 6.There’s mostly girls.There’s two boys.Their names are Koko,Mae Ling,& Roger,and there’s … Continue reading

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The Gifts From the LONG Christmas vacation

What a vacation!!!! Sadly, I’m finally finished with Christmas vacation. But I am VERY satisfied with my Christmas vacation. I don’t know where to start! I got a lot of awesome presents,and I like’emall! From Daniel, I got two Nerf … Continue reading

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Breakfast in Bethlehem

Yesterday,I went to Breakfast in Bethlehem. St. John does this every year. In the morning, we go there to have breakfast,and do fun activities. I saw lots of my friends there,and it was fun! You get “passports” to get stamped … Continue reading

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Last Saturday,I went to the eye doctor. They did some tests,and,turns out,I needed glasses!!! I picked out blue frames. I don’t have to wear them when I’m on the computer,like now,or when I’m reading,& mom’s really picky about me wearing … Continue reading

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Project Pumpkin

On the Saturday before Halloween,Daniel & I went to David dorm to trick-or-treat. Every year,David dorm has the people in the dorm decorate their halls of dorm rooms in a special way,and let kids trick-or-treat there. Daniel was an evil … Continue reading

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Magical Magic

Today I went to a magic show with my friend Anna,who I talked about in a different post. The magic man[I called it that because I can’t spell the other word for it] was Adam White. I’d went to one … Continue reading

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