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VERY Happy Easter

Yesterday was Easter, and I had a perfect day. First thing, I went downstairs to look in my Easter basket to see what the Easter Bunny brought me. My basket was a┬ásmorgasbord of candy, including a solid one pound chocolate … Continue reading

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Spelling Bee

Again, the bees that spell plague me. This time it was at a church. Grandpa Royuk paid the entry fee (thanks grandpa!) so I could do it. It was awesome because they had silly hats you could wear, but we … Continue reading

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The Lincoln youth theater is having a musical; Annie. Auditions were last Saturday, and today we’re having our first practice.I got the part of a servant. in the audition, I sang the last part of Tomorrow, and read a line … Continue reading

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The NAIA National Tournament

On Friday, we left to Sioux City for the NAIA national tournament because Concordia’s women’s basketball team was in it this year. We stayed in the same hotel as Sasha and Jonathan and their parents. We went to a lot … Continue reading

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National Lutheran Schools Week

This week was National Lutheran Schools Week. The festivities began on Sunday, with the Fun Fair. The Fun Fair is this thing when you buy red tickets. You pay one or two red tickets (depending on how many times you … Continue reading

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A Trip to the Vet for Raphael 2

Once again, my kitten Raphael has had to make a trip to the vet. One day Raphael came home with something sticky in the fur on the left side of his neck. I thought Raphael was just dirty, but I … Continue reading

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Snow Play

We finally got snow! We got a whole blizzard and I’m very happy about it. The only bad part is it was on a weekend so we don’t get a snow day. But I’m still very excited about it. Right … Continue reading

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The Big Ball Factory

In school Mr. Wilcox has K’nex available for us to play with. K’nex are things for building, but not much like legos or blocks. They are pretty much a modernized version of Tinker-toys. They come with wheels, so everyone builds … Continue reading

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Gob. That’s what I call the Geography Bee, because a lot of people call it the Geo Bee for short. G-O-B spells Gob. Anyway, every year our school has one to determine who will go to an even bigger Gob. … Continue reading

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Kitty Town

My friend Madalyn and I have been working on a fun project together. We’re making a special city for cats. We have a giant piece of paper we are drawing it on. We call it, Hisspurrmeowmeow City! So far we … Continue reading

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