VERY Happy Easter

Yesterday was Easter, and I had a perfect day. First thing, I went downstairs to look in my Easter basket to see what the Easter Bunny brought me. My basket was a smorgasbord of candy, including a solid one pound chocolate bunny, and on the table four movies were lined up; Happy Feet II, The Adventures of Tin Tin, a pack that included All Dogs Go To Heaven I and II, and Annie since the Easter Bunny knows that’s the musical I’m doing. Then, we went to church, where Daniel carried the Lily Cross, Matthew Sherman, Abby Van Velson and I played violin, and towards the end of the service, members of the congregation were invited to come up to the balcony and join the choir in singing the Hallelujah Chorus, and sing they did! Abby, Matthew and I (or at least just me) were all wishing we had asked for sheet music, because it sounded glorious and as soon as they started, we were itching to join in. I wonder if God was smiling as much as I was, of if He was even happier, because like I said, it sounded perfect! After that, we went to a service in a nursing home and listened to my dad preach. Then we got to hand out coffee filter butterflies to the old people. After that we went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. We had a giant feast for lunch, then us kids were told to stay downstairs (meaning Tara, Tim,Rachel, Alicia, Daniel, Rachel’s friends Collin and Matt and me) while the adults hid the eggs. When it was time, Grandma came down to explain the rules. We each had to find twenty-four eggs with our own name written on them.The boundaries were anywhere around the duplex, including the deck. There was one golden egg, and it didn’t have any name on it because whoever found it, got it. Anyway, I stopped looking for my last two eggs right quick when Aunt Beth told us that the golden egg was somewhere in the back yard. After some time, we were also told it was not on the deck. Then, we were told that Tim was the closest, so we all went over to where Tim was, and he was reaching under the corner of the deck. I got down beside him and reached under too. Finally, I grew impatient and crawled right under the deck. Under some lawn clipping bits of grass thingies, was the golden egg! “I GOT IT!” I yelled. I got out from under the deck, and after watching Daniel jump up and down screaming (his version of imitating me), went to search for my last two eggs. I watched as Collin and Matt played hot and cold to help Rachel find one of her eggs. She dug around in a bush and pulled out an egg. Then she said, “This is Anna’s.” Everyone looked at Matt as he insisted he thought it said Rachel. So I thanked him and went to look for my last egg. But I never found it. So I just went inside and emptied my eggs. The Golden Egg contained five dollars. After hanging out a bit, we went to go rent a movie at The Movie Place. I went straight to the gumball machine to spend one of the three quarters that I found in an egg up in a tree. The first one I got had winner written on it! So I got to keep a coupon for a free movie rental and a different gumball. I gave away my two other quarters to Daniel and either Collin or Matt. My day concluded with jumping on the trampoline with Rachel and her friends and making s’mores sitting around the fire.

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