Spelling Bee

Again, the bees that spell plague me. This time it was at a church. Grandpa Royuk paid the entry fee (thanks grandpa!) so I could do it. It was awesome because they had silly hats you could wear, but we didn’t get to keep them. Anyway, it was an oral spelling bee, and all ages were welcome. But the adults got harder words than me. I got all the way up to the final three, but I got out on one of the stupidest words ever: judgement judgment. This site didn’t underline either of the spellings! But when I spelled it with an e, the crowd was clapping because they thought it was right, but the judges were shaking their heads, so I went out. But, each participant won a can of alphabet soup, and I won a twenty-five dollar check for being the farthest non-adult competitor. I should feed my alphabet soup to my cats and see if they talk.  🙂

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