Gob. That’s what I call the Geography Bee, because a lot of people call it the Geo Bee for short. G-O-B spells Gob. Anyway, every year our school has one to determine who will go to an even bigger Gob. Fourth grade and up gets to be in it,and this year I got to be in it. I was the only fourth grader out of ten contestants. All of the questions were about the United States,except for in the championship rounds, which,miraculously,I got into! I beat all of the big kids except for one, because in the championship rounds, I missed two out of three, because like I said none of them were about the U.S.A. Evan Mettenbrink, a boy in Daniel’s class whose sister Gillian is in my class, got first. We both got cool pens and Evan had a choice between a water bottle and a drawstring backpack, and he got a medal. Since Evan chose the Water bottle, I got to keep the backpack. The back pack is VERY big though, for a drawstring bag. I am just glad I had fun.


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  1. Aunt Beth says:

    You’re a smartysmarterstien, Anna! Congratulations!! 🙂

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