Road Trip!

The Wednesday after Christmas, my family went on a trip to Denver. We sat in the hotel room eating chips and watching T.V. Better than that, we went swimming. Better still, I finally got to see the movie The Invention of Hugo Capret (pronounced cab-RAY) which I think is actually just called Hugo, but that’s what the book is called. The book is also on the reading classics list. But best of all, we went hiking through the mountains at garden of the gods.Those pictures tell about just about everything we did in the mountains, except how we got lost on the way back, and the fact that dogs were allowed on the trail, as well as horseback riders, and we ended up nearly stepping in their waste everywhere. :p When we went home, we picked up my cousin Erin on the way, so she could spend the night since it was new years eve. I made it to midnight, but Erin fell asleep around twenty minutes before the count down. In the morning we went to church, ate lunch, jumped on the trampoline, played with my many littlest pet shops and then she had to go.

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1 Response to Road Trip!

  1. Brad says:

    I love all the pictures of your family!

    I think I might have gone to that state park when I was in college. I love hiking.

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