Many Presents

Well, merry Christmas everybody! This year I had a good Christmas. We opened presents on the evening of Christmas Eve. I got a lot of cool things, and gave a lot of cool things. I got Rachel an iTunes gift card, Alicia a kitten calendar, Daniel a sky ball and silly string, and gave mom and dad a gourd I had painted and glazed in school. I got a Zhu-Zhu Pet, a paddle-ball, a stretchy lizard, a soldier with a parachute, $20, pajama pants, two remote control cars, toe-shoes, a new violin, three hex-bugs and a playground thing for them, Squinkies, a cool Spongebob thing for the computer when you can make your own Spongebob cartoons, two really big boxes that Rachel and Alicia’s presents (which were chairs for their dorm rooms) came in, and an angel for my nativity set. On Christmas morning, I found $20 in my stocking. On the floor by our stockings were the presents for our whole family. That included Banana Grams, a washer toss game, and a kit to make popsicles. The day brought more presents. We went to grandma and grandpa’s house for lunch. We sang Angels We Have Heard On High, then Joy To The World, then we prayed, and then we ate. After dessert and a LOT of waiting, we got to open presents. I got clothes, the book A Christmas Carol with the program to the play A Christmas Carol I was in, a scarf, a cool hat that makes my head look like a cupcake, the game Simon that you have to press the buttons that light up in the same order the game did, a cool crank-powered flashlight, a pillow pet horse, a funny card from Uncle Brad with $20 wishing me a happy belated birthday (It’s his specialty to be months late for birthdays), and a brand new suitcase that came with a padlock and keys so I could lock Daniel out. After we opened presents, Daniel, my two cousins and I went outside so the boys could try out the new remote control cars they had gotten. (I hadn’t brought mine) almost the rest of the day, Uncle Brad, Tara and I were hanging out at my house, trying out all our new gifts. After they left, our night concluded with Mom, Dad, Rachel, Daniel and I watched Night At The Museum 2.

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