Fat Cat

Snowy has been gaining weight. A lot. We’re putting him on a cat diet. I checked his weight today, and he weighs twelve point four pounds! As in comparison to Raphael, who weighs only seven point six pounds.  Nobody in my family wants to hold Snowy for more than twenty seconds he’s so fat. He’s getting a lot lazier too. If I try to play with him, instead of chasing the toy like he used to, he lies around watching it, and only attacks it if it comes within a foot of him. He used to hunt birds all the time, but now Raphael just does that. Raphael has even caught one right out of the air before. I’m guessing that the reason he’s gaining so much weight is because nobody’s really sure if he’s been fed yet of not, so he gets almost five meals a day. So I’m never going to feed the cats unless somebody tells me so.

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