My First and Last Production

I’m happy and sad. I’m happy because today I did my fifth performance of A Christmas Carol. I’m sad because it was my last one. I’m really going to miss being Tiny Tim,but I’m sure I’ll be in other plays. I’m more sad than happy though,because I might not see a lot of the new college friends I made again. After the play today,we got to strike the set. My parents said I could stay and help,though there wasn’t much I could do. I did save them about five trips of bringing props from Weller to Founders’ Hall though. I had a lot of fun,and I made a lot of new friends,even if I won’t see them often again. I FEEL LIKE CRYING! This is cool and horrible! I liked being Tiny Tim,and that’s why I want to cry! I probably won’t be in another play until eighth grade! This feels both supercalifragilisticexpialadocious and like the worst thing possible at once. Caitlyn,(the director) started crying when I handed her the thank you notes all the young actors had made. I’m glad to know I can see Miss B.(the children’s director) a lot because she lives on the next block over. I and all the cast also get to keep posters with notes from all the actors as well. I wrote something nice on everyone’s. My friends came today too. Addie was here,Anna was here, Gillian was here,and so was Gemma. They all liked it,and after the show I showed them around the set,how the walls moved,how the buildings moved,and how there was real doors and furniture. I am definitely going to do a lot more with theater in my life! I couldn’t have done any of this without the director Caitlyn,the assistant director Josh, the kids’ director Miss B. , and all the cast and crew! Thanks guys!

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