Musical Puppies

Today we had the annual school music revue. This year’s theme was American musicals. The school was divided into groups,and each group got their own musical to sing a couple songs from. Kindergarten through second grade got The sound of Music,third and fourth grade got My Fair Lady, fifth and sixth grade got The Wizard of Oz and seventh and eighth grade got The Music Man. I’m jealous of the fifth and sixth graders. They made their own little ‘yellow brick road’, four of them got to dress up as Dorthy,the tin man,the lion,and the scarecrow. AND when they sang the song about the lollipop Guild, they took out lollipops they decorated and they got to sing in little Munchkin voices!

Now,here’s where the puppies come in: today Gemma brought the puppies and their mother Daisey to school! There were eight or nine puppies,and they were all VERY cute. Most kids just sat in the grass and held a puppy and pet them,but not me. I don’t think the puppies like being held and not allowed to roam around. I picked a puppy (named Blue) and followed him around,letting him go where he wanted,except for the street or under the car,then I just turned him around and he’d start walking the other way. Sometimes he’d start running because he saw Daisey, but usually he realized he didn’t need his mother at the moment and stop when he was about halfway there. I remember some of the other puppies names,but I’m not sure. I remember Black Paws, Red Paws, Rosie, Big Red, Camo, and of course, Blue. They’re all named for the pattern on their collar. But that’s not all of them, ’cause that’s only six. They were all adorable, and Daisey was always friendly and playful,so we were all sad when it was time to go inside. šŸ˜¦ But at least we had fun with puppies. šŸ™‚

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