Training cats…and Shoes…and a Party

Yesterday,I bought a new book at the book fair St. John’s having. It’s a book I saw at the end of last week,but kept forgetting to bring money to school so I could buy it after school. But on Tuesday, I went home right after school, got money and came right back and bought it. The book I keep talking about is called ‘How to Speak Cat’. It tells how to interpret how cats are feeling by their body language,how to teach them tricks,how to get your cat to come to you and go on your lap,and answers frequently asked questions. I already taught Snowy to sit,taught Raphael to go through a tunnel,and I taught Snowy to knock over a cup to get a treat hidden underneath.
I also got a box full of new shoes that day. There were about nine pairs. They were in a giant box,and each shoe was individually wrapped in colorful tissue paper color coded so each shoe had the same color tissue paper as the other one in that pair. Yay! Now I don’t have only one pair of shoes that fit me. 🙂 But none of them were toe-shoes. 😦
Also, today was the Fall party! There was lot’s of food,which includes: graham crackers with caramel and nuts on them from Elise,ice cream cake from Theo,rice krispies from Mackenze,cookies from Anna, cookies from Matthew, and gummy Krabby Patties from me. The movie we watched was Flash,and I’m not sure many people who read this have heard of this, because nobody in our class had. It’s about a boy named Connor,and his mom died,and he lived with his dad and grandma. Then he saw a horse for sale named Flash and really really really wanted to buy him. So he worked to save up for him,but then his dad bought him for Connor. But they didn’t have much money,so his dad left as a marine. But they needed money soon,and Connor’s dad wouldn’t be back for five months. So Grandma got a job,but she was working too much and passed out at work. She actually had a heart attack and died. Connor wanted to buy a fancy coffin for her and sold a bunch of their belongings,including Flash,to get it. But then he learned that the man he sold him to was cruel to him. Then the man asks if Connor would teach his son Tad to ride the way he does. Not by whipping. Tad wins a bunch of riding contests with Connor’s method. But then,on the final really big one,Tad gets second. His dad gets mad at him and calls him a coward. Then Todd is angry and goes and whips Flash a lot. Later Connor talks to him and he decides to go apologize to Flash. But Flash is scared of Tad and kicks him and Tad gets a broken arm. Then Connor realizes that Tad’s dad is going to want to kill Flash. So Connor and Flash run away. Their goal was to get up to New York city in time to meet Connor’s dad. Then Connor gets there just as his dad arrived. The next day,as they’re being interviewed, Tad’s dad shows up and says Connor should go to jail for stealing and Flash should be put down for injuring Tad.But then Tad appears and says that Connor was saving an innocent animal’s life and explains that Flash was just scared of him because he whipped him. Then they all lived happily ever after.

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