An Awesome Weekend

I know it’s a little late to be blogging about my weekend, but I can’t miss this opportunity. This weekend,Alicia came home for a visit with some friends. She brought Leah (is that how it’s spelled?), Lou (again, I’m only guessing on the spelling), and Logan. She got here Friday night, and was here all Saturday. On Saturday,she went to some soccer game so I stayed home. The whole afternoon she was gone,I spent making crafts and stuff out of my ‘Science Things to Make and Do’ book. When she got back, we all spent the night up until midnight playing Rockband. The next day,we went to church,I sang in choir, and then Alicia left. Then we saw Lion King in 3D. It was awesome!

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3 Responses to An Awesome Weekend

  1. RON ROYUK says:

    Thanks for blogging, Anna! You are a good blogger! We like to hear about you and your family and know what’s going on. You all are so busy doing so many interesting things. We enjoyed your birthday concert and look forward to seeing “Tiny Tim” on stage pretty soon.

  2. Brad says:

    Does Alicia only make friends with people whose names start with “L”?

  3. 911girl says:

    Probably not,because she has friends with names that start with ”E”,like Emma,”S”,like Sirrea,(That’s an even harder name to spell!) friends with names that start with “R” like Reagan.(These are not all of Alicia’s friends,I’ve been introduced to several at St.Pauls, but I never remember them.)

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