Yesterday,Rachel moved into her dorm at Concordia. We went to a big banquet thing. Daniel and I had to ride our bikes home, and mom and dad had the car, yet we somehow beat them home. When I went to the porch, I glanced to the side to the part of the patio where the fire pit and all of the chairs were. There was a big dog sitting there smiling at me. I went inside and said to Daniel, “How long have we had a dog?” He said “We don’t,why?” I said “There’s a big dog sitting on our porch!” Then we both went outside,but didn’t go near it. We decided to wait inside until mom and dad got home. Mom had me get him some water, and dad said he probably had a home and was lost,though he didn’t have a collar. I started calling him or her (dad thought it was a female) Goldie. Later I looked there again and Goldie was gone. I liked him, he was really friendly and cute.

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