Camp Luther:Day One

Quite a while ago,I had my first day at camp. I got to know the daily schedule and meet everybody in our cabin. Right when I came to drop my stuff off, I noticed that on the door there was a poster that said the name of our cabin:  Meshash Left. It was supposed to say Meshach Left. When I pointed that out,we started calling our cabin Meshash. It was shorter, but some people had trouble saying that,then started saying Meshmash, and purposefully started always calling it that. I just hated that. Anyway, I learned that I only had three cabin mates. My friend Gemma, a girl named Olivia, and a girl named Samantha. Our two JS’s were Anne and Susan. And Erin was our counselor. Everybody loved Erin, and she’s the nicest person I know.

Camp had some pretty cool daily things, like the seconds and desert signals. Josh (in the kitchen) would hold his arms apart. And once everybody noticed and did the same, we would all start clapping; first slow then faster and faster until Matt came out and danced. For seconds he would dance with ribbons,and for desert he did a silly dance that required no ribbons. After snack, Matt would come out and everybody would start chanting: Spider Matt! Spider Matt! Spider Matt! Until he ran up to the tree (with no low branches) jumped up and grabbed the stub where there used to be a branch and swung up into the tree and climbed higher and higher! He was amazing! One day, Pepper, that cool kid a little older than me that helps out on maintenance, managed to climb the tree just like Spider Matt does!!! Nobody besides Matt has ever done that! I am still jealous of how awesome Pepper is. If only I was just a bit taller!!! At times being a shorty can really stink.         Another ‘tradition’ is how we decide who eats first. (applies to all meals but snack)   A specific cabin picks the prayer for every meal. They also pick and judge the contests to decide the order of the cabins being served. Some required having the counselors come to the front and a lot of them were for the whole cabin: imatations.

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3 Responses to Camp Luther:Day One

  1. redivider says:

    I think Erin might be the nicest person in the world.

  2. Dad says:

    I think Erin might be the nicest person in the whole world.

  3. 911 girl says:

    I’m regretting calling it day one ’cause I’m not making other days.

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