Summer Horizons

Monday through Friday,I’ve been going to a little program called Summer Horizons. Every morning it started at nine. Each session is an hour long. There are three sessions and kids can go to a fun class in each. In the first session I chose Passport to the World. That class teaches you about culture from a certain place every day,and we get to make art from that place. On the first day we learned about Australia and aboriginal art. (try saying THAT three times fast 🙂 ) We painted fake didgeridoo made of card board, but I can still make weird noises with it. On the second day,we learned about Mexico and the day of the dead, and covered candle holders with clay in designs,but people hogged clay so I ended up with just four stripes. I don’t remember what we did on day three. On day four, we learned about China and the Festival of the Lights and made paper lanterns. Yesterday we learned about Italy and decorated masks.

The class I went to in session two was a Spanish class. We had a theme every day and played a game every day. Day one was animals,and at the end we played bingo with Spanish animal names. On the second day we learned body parts and played my favorite game of the week: We each drew a card for every body part. Each one said how many of that body part we should draw on our alien monster guys ( I named mine George 🙂 ). Even though we learned feet and toes,there were no cards for them. So I gave George four feet with six toes on each foot. George had 2 legs,1 eye,6 ears,3 teeth,2 mouths,4 noses,and four arms. When we were all finished, Senora Royuk hung each of our drawings on the white board. Then she marked each of them with a letter,because not everybody wrote their creatures’ name on theirs,or even named them. Then,she handed out papers with the numbers one through fifteen on the side like a spelling test. She would say Spanish numbers then body parts and we would write the letter of which creature we thought she was describing. If that creature had a name, I wrote it’s letter a.k.a. their name. In the end,each person got a piece of candy and a sticker except for Jake and I. We didn’t miss any so we got two of each. On the third day we learned actions and at the end we played a matching game when we had to match Spanish actions to their pictures. On day four, we learned a bunch of random words and I can’t remember the game. On Friday we learned about food and ate tacos. We played bingo again.

My third session class was a craft class. On the first day we made shooting star wands of red white and blue. On the second day we made T-shirts with eagles on them with paint. On day three,we made patriotic crowns with straws and duct tape. On Thursday, we made star spangled leis, with foam stars instead of flowers. And on the next day,we made table decorations that look like fire crackers. It was such a fun week! I’m going to keep talking because I want to beat my record of six hundred and nine words even if I have to say random words. Just fifty more words and I will have beaten my record of six hundred and nine. I made that record when writing the post about Abbey Bimler’s birthday party. Twenty two more and I’ll be past six hundred and nine. But I’m starting to think this is a little bit silly. Oh well,the word count thing says I’m past six hundred and nine!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy.

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  1. 911girl says:

    I beat my record! Hahahahaha! Whoopee! Life is good!

    Did I mention I’m going to camp Luther tomorrow?! I’m going with my friend Gemma, and it’s gonna be so much fun!!!!!!! By the time someone reads this, I’ll be at Gemma’s house getting ready to go! And I get to be there five days,all day and all night!!!!!!!!!!!

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