A Trip to the Vet for Raphael

Today,in the morning,Dad and I took Raphael to the vet to get shots,an operation so he couldn’t make babies,and checked for ear mites. Normally,a cat would be mewing and panicking the second they’re put into the cat carrier,but Raphael just looked around silently and curiously,wondering why he felt strange movement,yet was sitting down,and where he was and where he was going. When we got to the Seward Animal Hospital,it didn’t look like I expected. I thought it would look just like a hospital [that specializes in animals]. My dad signed a bunch of contracts,and then we went home.

I spent almost the whole day at Tara and Tim’s house,and when I got home,about 3 to 5 minutes later dad came home with Raphael.

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4 Responses to A Trip to the Vet for Raphael

  1. Brad says:

    That’s great that Raphael doesn’t mind car rides. You should take him on rides all the time. Ned loved being in the car, but Max doesn’t like it very much.

    • 911girl says:

      I’m planning on asking Dad about taking Raphael to show and tell. Not many of my friends have ever met him before. But I know all of my friends have seen Snowy, because I brought him to show and tell last year,and everyone saw him hanging around at my birthday party.

  2. Peggy says:

    Awwww…Raphael is adorable! I hope he feels better soon!

    • 911girl says:

      My sister Rachel and I are obsessed with taking pictures of our cats even though she can get kind of crazy,for example,I saw a picture of her trying to eat Raphael,and one where she’s kissing him and the one after that is her looking disgusted.

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