The Awards Ceremony

went to the civic center for the awards ceremony. I had won a prize in the Seward Womens club short story contest thing. When I got in the civic center once we were there,I looked at the art that had been entered on display. I looked at the 3rd grade wall. All the third grade art[including mine] was white ribbons except for my classmate Justin’s. He had a red ribbon. Then we went into the a-to-tor-i-um [hard word!]. Lot’s of prizes were awarded for art,including my classmates Gemma and Theo,and lot’s of other St.John students,then finally came the literature awards.2 or 3 names were called, then mine. I got up from sitting on the floor,went over and took my prize. Then I stepped up on the thingy that people stand on so everyone could take pictures. I smiled,even though my cheeks started to hurt. Then everybody clapped and I sat back down. About the rest of the ceremony,I was either admiring my prizes or taking pictures of whoever was on the thingy at the moment,but then the awarding of the prizes was over. My parents and I then went to get refreshments. There was a long line,and it was boring to wait,but when we got to the end,I saw a cork board thing with my story pinned to it. My parents both got to read it for the first time because that story was a school project,while I got to enjoy cookies. Then we went home.

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3 Responses to The Awards Ceremony

  1. 911girl says:

    Sorry for going so long without blogging.I’ve been meaning to,but I guess I kept forgetting,and when I remembered,it wasn’t a good time.But now I’ve decided to blog daily after school.

    The lady announcing also mentioned an anthology where mine and other poems and short stories were going to be published in.

    • Grandpa Royuk says:

      Hi, Anna,
      Congratulations on your first place story!
      Grandma and I are very proud of you and your accomplishment, and……..
      also for the nice picture and blog that you do so nicely!!
      Keep up the good work!
      God bless you!
      Grandpa and Grandma Royuk

  2. Peggy says:

    Way to go Anna! That is fantastic!! (and very cool boots!)

    Is your story too long to post? Or could you tell us what it was about?

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