Saturday’s Party

On Saturday,I went to Abbey Bimler’s birthday party. When I got there,tons of people crowded me and everyone was crazy. I went down stairs. After looking around the house,I went down stairs and finally saw her gerbils,Jackie,and Bella. I noticed that they were a lot faster on the wheel than our class room hamster,because Squeakers just strolls on his wheel,while Jackie and Bella go very fast. Anyway,Abbey’s mom sat us all on her BIG couch,and the party got under way. You see,it was like a little mystery play,except we didn’t know the ending. Whoever solved the mystery won a prize. The story line was: “Sabrina Strake is having a slumber party. She invites everyone who comes to bring along something special to them,as we called them our ”special objects”. We shared our objects as our character,for example:I loved to write mysteries,and my special object was my journal where I keep all my stories. Anyway,after we all shared our objects,Sabrina’s mom,Detective Achoo,put them all in a bag. Then,we had a ten minute break. When the break was over,we all did a fun activity. We pulled a slip of paper out of the bowl when Detective Achoo came by. Mine said “Magic Socks”  She then told us that we were to make a commercial about whatever we pulled out. She would tape it on Sabrina’s camera. On my commercial,[with Jessica and someone whose name I can’t remember], I was the announcer & what’s her name and Jessica were the actors. It involved all of our characters’ personalities,because in our group there was a dancer,a practical jokester,and me the mystery writer.And this was our commercial:I said,”Is some practical jokester trying to hide your socks from you?” Jessica comes on the scene and hides what’s her name’s socks. I say,”Is it a mystery where your socks are?” What’s her name comes on the scene and looks for the socks.”Then you need magic socks! You just have to whistle this note:[whistle]And they come dancing right to you.[I make the socks dance to what’s her name]It’s that easy! Buy now!” After our commercial was over,we continued the story line:Michele ran into the room and said,”The bag of special objects isn’t in Sabrina’s room!” We all burst out with accusations. I thought it was Michele,after all,she just ran out of the room and she  could have easily grabbed the bag,hid it on the way,and said what she did as a cover up. Detective Achoo finally calmed us down then picked suspects. The not-suspects were the detectives who each took two suspects to another room to question them. Then she narrowed down the suspects to four. Not all the not-suspects got to question someone though. But I did. I questioned Sabrina Strake herself. She got very suspicious,but even so,after the little break for cake and writing down who we thought did it of the four final suspects,Detective Achoo said,”Sabrina,I don’t think you did it,because why would you want to with all these presents? And Tessa,you wouldn’t because stealing that would make your clothes much to dirty.” I can’t remember who the third suspect was or what Detective Achoo said to them,but the cheer leader finally confessed when she was the last suspect. Then the skit was over and Abbey’s mom handed out prizes to the one who found the bag,the best actress,and the detective who guessed who did it. I didn’t get any of those three prizes,but like everyone else I got party favors. Gemma was to get a ride home from my mom,but she got the time wrong and we got thirty extra minutes at Abbey’s house! That was fun. But then we finally went home.

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5 Responses to Saturday’s Party

  1. Brad says:

    Sabrina Strake is a great name. You should start having everyone call you that.

    So what happened at Sabrina Strake’s slumber party? I’ll be looking forward to the conclusion…

  2. 911girl says:

    That was my longest post ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0

  3. 911girl says:

    The letter o and the number 0? WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE???????

  4. Peggy says:

    and hides what’s her name’s socks HA!

    That sounds like one fun, cool party! Way to go Sabrina Strake!

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