Sleeping Over at the Spelling Bee

WOW! I’ve been forgetting to blog,though the events to blog about have been plentiful! I’ll start with this:There was a spelling bee. Before hand,all the classes have had tests to find their best speller. I just barely made it! I studied for weeks,then finally on January twenty-second,I went to the spelling bee. I was in the third and fourth grades division. And, boy was I  thankful that it was all written! I was still very nervous. BUT,in the end,I got second place!!!!! I was SO exited excited! 🙂                   The following Friday,after school,I walked with Abby Baack to her house for a sleep over. First we went into the basement and she showed me some scrap books. Then we just hung out for a little while. I played fetch with her dog ‘I don’t know how to spell his name’ a lot. He’s a very rare breed of dog called ‘a dog who really brings the ball back and drops it so you can throw it again.’  We colored in some coloring books,but her dog wouldn’t leave me alone. He thought I still wanted to play. So we gave up on that. Then Abby’s sister Anna 🙂 came with her friend. We all had pizza for supper. Then we watched a movie. The older girls had theirs in the basement,and we had ours one floor above them. I didn’t pay attention to the movie,but I sat and read their copy of the book I was reading with some popcorn.                                                                                                                                                                          The dog didn’t leave me alone,so I went somewhere else. When Abby finished the movie,I went to get my PJs on and brush my toothies. We read in bed and went to sleep. In the morning,we had pancakes for breakfast then I got dropped off at home. THE.END.

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2 Responses to Sleeping Over at the Spelling Bee

  1. Brad says:

    Ha! You misspelled excited! Great joke!

    When I was in elementary school, I got first place in my class and was in the school-wide bee. The competition was going well, but then I was supposed to spell “sayonara”. It’s not even an English word! It’s Japanese. How was I supposed to know how to spell a Japanese word?

    I got eliminated. On a Japanese word. A word that means “good-bye”.

  2. Peggy says:

    Congratulations Anna, that is WONDERFUL!!

    I used to be able to spell well, but now my old brain has a hard time recalling even the simplest of words.

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