Record of Cats

Yesterday in church,I made a record of all the cats I knew. I had these cats on it:Sam,Max,Midnight,Inky,Sparkle,Snowy,Bobbie,Ned,Snickers & Dede,Spot,Nemo,&Goomi. Sam was my dad’s cat when he was a boy. Max is Brad’s cat now. You know who Midnight is! Inky is a cat that hangs out around our house. Sparkle was our kitten but she ran away. Snowy is our cat now. Bobbie is Beth & Herald’s cat. Ned used to be Brad’s cat. Snickers & Dede were brother & sister,but Snickers ran away. We still have Dede. Spot is the neighbor’s cat who gets in fights with Snowy and used to steal our cat food. Nemo used to hang out around our school. Goomi a long time ago was our cat.That’s thirteen cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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3 Responses to Record of Cats

  1. Peggy says:

    Dang…that’s alot of cats!! I’ve never had a cat before, only dogs.

    In my whole life I’ve had 9 dogs. They don’t tend to dissappear or roam like cats do.
    Their names: Lucky, Pepi, Trissy, Max, Moose, Sam, Carly, Mitzi, Forrest

  2. 911girl says:

    Well I still think cats are better than dogs;and smarter!I know for sure because people think dogs are smarter than cats ’cause dogs do tricks,but cats are smart enough to stop and think ”Why do I have to listen? It may be the easy way to get the treat, but I could just steal the treat!Besides,why humiliate my self just for a treat?”So that proves it.Cats are smarter.[And cuter and better]

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