A week ago,Dad helped Rachel on her paper route. They got followed home by a little kitty cat.In the morning,my dad introduced me to her. After a while,we decided to call her Midnight,because she was PITCH- BLACK and had a white spot on her chest,like the moon. We’ve had many cats before,and it went like this:We just had Snickers and Dede. Then Snickers disappeared. Then we adopted Snowy. Then,we adopted Sparkle. Then Sparkle ran away. Then came now,Midnight!

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7 Responses to Midnight

  1. Brad says:

    Sorry to hear about Sparkle. I didn’t even get to meet her. I look forward to meeting Midnight at Christmas time.

  2. 911girl says:

    Just be careful where you put your feet when Midnight’s around! She loves to walk right by your feet.Midnight’s already gotten stepped on & kicked!

    • Brad says:

      Haha! Max does that too – especially when I’m walking down the stairs. I sometimes think he’s trying to kill me by making me fall down the stairs. But that doesn’t make any sense – I’m the one who feeds him! Think, Max. Think.

  3. Peggy says:

    Hmmm….a word math problem huh? I was never very good at those but I’ll give it a try:

    If you start with Snickers & Dede, & Snickers disappears, but Snowy is added…..

    Ans: You’re left with Dede, Snowy & Midnight. Is that correct?

    (btw: Midnight is beautiful!)

  4. Grandpa Royuk says:

    I live here and have not yet met Ms. Midnight…..or is it Mr. Midnight??
    It looks like Camoflage Kitty on that black floor…..I’ll try to watch where I step but I might not see her/him even if I am looking.?.??
    Anna, you do such nice blog posts….I am proud of you!!!
    Grandpa Royuk

  5. 911girl says:

    Midnight’s a girl, and I came up with a funny nick-name for her; Darth Fluffy!

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