Project Pumpkin

On the Saturday before Halloween,Daniel & I went to David dorm to trick-or-treat. Every year,David dorm has the people in the dorm decorate their halls of dorm rooms in a special way,and let kids trick-or-treat there. Daniel was an evil scarecrow,and I was a kitty cat. One of the hall’s themes was Johna and the big fish,and they had a cardboard fish mouth with teeth,and a red mat for a tongue. Another theme was merry Halloween,and there were Christmas lights ,and everybody who gave you candy said,”Merry Halloween”. One more I can’t forget was fairy tale land,and there were castle pillars and it was great. We passed one dressed like a princess,and when she saw Daniel she said,”Prince charming! Save me!!!”. Then a guy dressed like a prince came. Then the princess said to Daniel,”You can have some candy,but then leave me alone!”Daniel took his candy. When the princess saw me,she said,”I love kittens!”then she gave me candy. Right after the princess there was a frag prince sitting in a pond on a lily pad.  All the halls were creative,and I loved it. I got a lot of candy and I had a good time.

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3 Responses to Project Pumpkin

  1. Brad says:

    Ha! All the costume ideas you mentioned were really fun! I only had two people come to my house, and they were big kids, and their costumes weren’t very good.

    Oh well, I guess I have to eat all my left over Halloween candy myself. Too bad! (not really… hehe)

  2. Peggy says:

    That sounds like great fun!! And your costume is really cute! You make a fine kitten!

    One year at my kids’ school we had a Fall Activity Night & I was in charge of doing a room that was supposed to be for the older kids. It was a Jonah room! We had alot of cool affects in it. Muaahhhh!!

  3. Dad says:

    I want to see a post about your fight with the Dalmatians at the stadium that night!

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