Original Works

In school,every year, we do something called Original Works. Original Works is when we draw pictures and order things such as pillow cases & T-shirts & coffee mugs & mouse pads with your picture on them. I’m doing a lily.I put a picture of it so you can see it. I don’t know what I’ll get.

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4 Responses to Original Works

  1. Grampa says:

    You do a spectacular job doing all this blog stuff. I am proud of you.
    I like your lily. Think about what an original “911 girl” mousepad could
    look like…..I could use a new one and I will pay the bill. Keep up the good
    blog work. Love. Grampa!

  2. Peggy says:

    Anna, that is a beautiful drawing!!!! 🙂 You Royuks sure are talented! I don’t know if it was intentional, but your piece has a nice Monet flare about it.

    I hope you let us know what you decide to put it on!

  3. 911girl says:

    I told my dad that I had two main things I wanted;A water bottle and a T-shirt,but now I’m starting to think I want a wall clock.

  4. 911girl says:

    Here’s the whole list of things to get:mug,wall clock,coasters,water bottle,desk clock,plate mat,night light,ornament,magnet,key chain,note cards,recipe cards,sketch book,journal,bandana,pot holders,mouse pad,pillow case,tote bag,apron,garden flag,& T-shirt.That’s 21 things.Pretty wide variety.

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