Leaf Sucker Girls!

Yesterday my friend Anna came over.We had fun.We played a lot & then we raked leaves.We jumped in them and then gathered them up again.When we were done,we raked them up once more.Next,I went to ask my dad how we should get rid of them,hoping to do a good deed.He said that he usually mows them up with the lawn mower.But he said we could use the leaf sucker,if we wanted to.So,we did.It was fun.one of us held the bag,& the other,the leaf blower.Later,after Anna left,I did it myself,just for the sidewalk.When I was done,I told my dad that if I wanted,I could even have people around the neighborhood pay me to suck up their yard,or driveway,or sidewalk.He said I should concentrate on our own yard.I didn’t want to though.But I listened.

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2 Responses to Leaf Sucker Girls!

  1. Brad says:

    You have a friend named Anna? That’s awesome! Do you sometimes swap places and confuse your families?

  2. 911 girl says:

    No.We have our alikes and differents.Some ways,were alike.For example:She’s my second youngest in our class,&I’m the second oldest in the class,[by a DAY]or, she was born in china,I was born on the opposite end of the earth;America.

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