Baby Turtle!


Isn't he cute?


Today when my dad was running in the morning,on the bike trail,he found a cute baby turtle!As much as I’d like to raise a turtle,I know we can’t keep him/her.We’re gonna let him go sometime soon,today,the cute little thing.

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2 Responses to Baby Turtle!

  1. Peggy says:

    He is cute!! I’m guessing he’s a water turtle???

    My boys found a box turtle once in the winter & he was really light. The vet said that they hiberate in the winter & this one didn’t eat enough so he would probably die. So we kept him all winter & then released him in the spring. He was so fun to watch. His name was Leo.

  2. 911girl says:

    We named him Tiny.I just went to my friend’s farm.I rode horses,met the baby horse,fed the chickens,but my favorite part was when we went to the lake.We caught toads & let Tiny crawl on the banks.But the best part was when we built a mud playhouse for Tiny.It had very deep puddles[for him they are]to train him to swim.After it was sturdy,we finally let him go.We didn’t put him in the pond,we just left him in his ‘how to train your baby turtle to swim’ house.But we knew he could get out,’cause we’d seen him climb over the walls a million times.I still sorta miss the little guy,though.

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