Cat Sceme

Every day,while I walk or ride my bike home from school,I walk out back & down the alley to get home.I know four cats that live there:One cat I just know about but I don’t know his/her name.Another two are Smokey & Oreo.They’re Abby’s cats.[The same Abby with acorns by her house]The last one doesn’t have a name yet.He’s Abby’s new cat.Every day while I walk home,at least two of them come purring at me as I go through the alley.Of course I pet them,after all,I can’t resist cute kitties coming toward me.So I’ve decided to give about five minutes to pet them,not too much more than that,’cause I’ve used up a lot of time in the past petting them.The kitties need plenty of good time,but so do I!

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3 Responses to Cat Sceme

  1. 911girl says:

    Abby’s new cat’s name is now Simba.

  2. jenifer herl says:

    Anna says: cats/kittens are cool

  3. Anna Herl says:


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