Instruct Instruct

In school,we are working on making instructions on how to do something.It can be anything at all,but it has to make sense,for example,you can’t do something like ‘how to scream’.I had to think on this one for a long time.But,I did something good,& it fits the season!I wrote how to make a Jack-o-Lantern.Here’s how:First,you’ll need a carving knife and a good sized pumpkin.Then,you need to cut the top off,but not the whole top,just right for using as a lid later.Next,scoop out all the insides and seeds.If you want,you can save the seeds for something else later,such as cooking & eating,or planting.After that,cut out your face.Finally,put a candle in and light it.Put the top back on,then,enjoy your new Jack-o-Lantern!

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2 Responses to Instruct Instruct

  1. Dad says:

    That reminds me: we’re going to have to buy some pumpkins!

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