I have a habit of collecting acorns,throwing them on the ground, hoping to feed the squirrels.If no squirrels eat them,I just simply hope they grow.I know three acorn supplies that I pass on the way home from school.One is at Abby’s house.Another is at a house with acorn trees.[of course]Another is at a house with acorns.[of course][again]

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4 Responses to Acorns

  1. 911girl says:

    HI, I’M WRITING A COMMENT ON MY OWN BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Brad says:

    I would sometimes gather acorns into piles when I was a kid. They looked so delicious to me. I always wanted to eat them. But I never did because I was afraid they were poisonous. They aren’t, by the way. But they need to be cooked.

  3. Dad says:

    Mom told me the best part about your acorn scheme is that you’re trying to spread acorns all around town so squirrels who don’t live by Oak trees have enough food.

  4. 911girl says:

    I stopped at Abby’s house on the way home from school not too long ago.We chatted about acorns,and I told her that I wondered how they tasted.She said she had tried taking off their shells and having a tiny lick.She said it tasted like wax.I tried it.It did taste like wax.[YUCK]

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